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Need a local Asbestos Removal Newcastle team? Watson Demolition & Site Services are Specialists in the assessment, analysis, management, and removal of Asbestos and Other Hazardous Materials.

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Need Asbestos Removal Servies in the Newcastle NSW Region?

Watson Demolition & Site Services are specialist in the assessment, analysis, management and removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials. We are qualified and experienced in the removal of Asbestos & other Hazardous Materials.

  • Friable and bonded asbestos removal
  • Workplace asbestos & hazardous material surveys
  • Hazardous material air monitoring
  • Asbestos and other contaminated soil assessments, remediation and management.
  • Site assessments to determine contamination in soil and soil classifications
  • Remediation of asbestos contaminated soils
  • Ongoing management plans for contaminated soils
  • Asbestos management and control programs
  • Asbestos analysis and air monitoring
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Why Remove Asbestos in Newcastle?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that can usually be present in rock, sediment, or soil. It has solid fibers that are heat tolerant and have excellent insulating properties. You can’t see asbestos fibers with the naked eye, and since they’re very light, the wind can fly long distances.

The commercialization of Asbestos began with the Industrial Revolution. It was during the beginning of the 20th century when Asbestos mining had been a major thing and a lot of countries had been importing this material for its durability compared to other materials at that time.

Asbestos was thought to be very useful for construction materials because of its properties, but later on, it was found that asbestos was actually harmful to human health and can invite lung diseases to cancer. It is also classified as carcinogenic and is banned by the Government of Australia in 2003. Read our Asbestos removal guide for detailed information.

If your home was build before that period specified in the 1990s then your home has a chance of having this material. Asbestos is not harmful until it starts to degrade the air quality. However, it is a good idea to get things assessed and get them removed as soon as possible.

Licensed Asbestos Removalist Newcastle

With many years of experience in the Asbestos Removal Industry, we are the most experienced, effective and secure asbestos removalists in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas. We engage in a wide variety of asbestos removals in residential, industrial and business buildings around Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and nearby areas.

We are concerned about maintaining the well-being of Australians on a regular basis, and we are proud to keep our workers up-to-date with all the preparation required to comply with the government. Your wellbeing is of the highest importance. Our removal officers have the expertise to ensure that the operation is done with the utmost care. If you believe that your contaminated land may be in need of a highly trained and experienced asbestos Removal Contractor, for your health and safety, please contact your local Asbestos & Hazardous material Removalists.

There are 2 types of asbestos removal licensed holder According to Safework NSW Gov

Class A: They can remove any amount or quantity of Asbestos or ACM including any amount of friable asbestos or ACM, any amount of ACD, any amount of non-friable asbestos or ACM.

Class B: They can only remove any amount of non-friable asbestos or ACM, any amount of ACD associated with the removal of non-friable asbestos or ACM.

Non License holder: They Can remove up to 10 m2 of non-friable asbestos or ACM and ACD that is associated with the removal of less than 10 m2 of non-friable asbestos or ACM not associated with the removal of friable or non-friable asbestos and is only a minor contamination.

Watson Demolition & Site Services are the licensed holder for the removal of Asbestos in Newcastle. Our licence number is AD213269 from safe work NSW for asbestos removal. After a detailed inspection of the premises and checking that all hazardous materials are found, we will remove all asbestos without introducing any hazardous carcinogenic fibres into the environment. At the completion of the work, we will guarantee that the whole region is completely decontaminated.

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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Process Newcastle

For any kind of demolition projects, permissions and fulfilling legalities are the most vital part. Moreover, Asbestos removal also involves the potential risk to human health and surrounding. Asbestos removal should not be treated as a  DIY project. In most of the states, removing asbestos without being competent and without holding a license is illegal.

Watson Demolition & Site Services is a leading company which is one of the most trusted demolition service providers in the Newcastle region. We practice the strictest Work Health and safety regulations and are very concerned about the well-being of our team and clients. The process of Asbestos removal in Newcastle is similar to any other demolition or earthworks but requires extra efforts as a poorly managed asbestos removal can make negative impacts on human health and the surrounding. Contact us today for a hassle-free Asbestos removal services near you in Newcastle.

Health & Safety Duties When Removing Asbestos

The WHS Act in Australia requires all person who is involved in business operating activities to ensure that workers are not at risk from activities carried out in the business. Also, the business owner is the one who is responsible if there is any exposure to airborne asbestos.

Also, when a worker (like electricians, or building maintenance staff) is at risk of exposure to asbestos, then the person undertaking business must pay for all the expenses. Health monitoring must be carried out under a registered medical practitioners with the relevant qualifications.

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We are currently looking for a local Asbestos & Hazardous Material Removalist to join our team in Newcastle who has experience with Commerical and Industrial Asbestos & Hazardous Material removal, along with the necessary experience and licencing. You must have the risk management and code of practice certificate along with knowing the different types of hazardous waste. Who is also available for immediate 24-hour roster work and can attend to jobs on the same day. Must be ready to go through COVID-19 compliance. If you wish to apply for this position. Please apply here.


About Newcastle

Newcastle is the second-largest city in New South Wales and the sixth-largest in Australia. It’s situated at the mouth of the Hunter River. It is well recognised as the ‘gateway to the Hunter Valley‘ and is definitely the economic, administrative and industrial hub of the area.

It has a wide variety of beaches, a rich heritage of Victorian architecture, a compelling early past of convicts and a vast selection of excellent restaurants and luxury accommodation options. Historically, the coal and steel town (taking advantage of the excellent harbour at the mouth of the Hunter River and the huge coal reserves beneath the Hunter Valley) has had to reinvent itself in the last two decades.

Today it is a modern city with an attractive and up-to-date port foreshore (lots of trendy restaurants and fun walks) and ample amenities to keep an interested tourist entertained for at least a week.

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