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Our Excavation Services in Gosford are second to none. Watson Site Services are equipped to handle any job, from excavating your backyard to large scale industrial excavations.

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Excavation Gosford

There is no site component that is too difficult for us – we have extensive experience in excavation services within various sites and are professionally skilled in planning, risk mitigation, site control, and safe excavation. Our team has done excellent jobs when it comes to complex projects, including craning in excavators and craning out excavated materials. We will provide you with the importance of our findings. Our team will also work closely with you, your neighbors, engineers, builders, private certifiers, or the Council to ensure that your difficult access to Gosford building goes smoothly and provides the results you need.  Excavation Gosford Experts will always be ready to help you throughout the process.

We are competitively priced and, most importantly, all of our vehicles and drivers are professionally insured, have public liability insurance, and have a fully protected workers compensation policy. We are now up to date with the certifications needed to ensure that any job is carried out safely, professionally, and in line with the highest standards, allowing you more peace of mind. Get in Touch with Us Today for more details on our work.

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Commercial & Industrial Excavation Gosford

Watson Site Service is a family owned and operated business. With 11 years of experience, we set the standard for all your projects.

  • Earthworks & Site Preparation
  • Bulk & Detailed Excavations
  • 2t – 45t Excavators
  • 2t – 39t Trucks
  • Total Site Preparation – Site set out to plan
  • Local Authority Liaising & Guidance
  • Land Clearing / Block Clearing
  • Semi-Trailers with hardox bodies for rock / concrete carrying
  • Pt 60 – Pt 100 Posi track loaders
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Excavation Process in Gosford

Little bits and pieces are a very vital thing when it comes to construction and demolition services. How to start the excavation process in Gosford? – Well, the first step will always be acquiring the right permits. A good excavation company can better manage the permit for you can also get the council consent granted effectively, something similar to what Watson Site Services has been doing in the last 11 years.

Our licensed excavation experts will then survey the site in order to analyze the requirements and find our the best time to carry out the project whether it be excavation or retaining walls. Excavation and the soil quality also determines the foundation of the building. It is definitely not a DIY project and the risks associated are very impactful. Contact the best excavation specialists in town for more information.

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Commercial and Industrial Excavation Specialists

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Non-destructive Excavation?

Also known as Non-destructive Digging or “Vacuum Excavation”, it is the most safest way to excavate on all sites including Residential and Commercial. It is accepted across communities and all Excavation Companies due to its efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. Non-destructive mining is the practise of using water and heavily pressurised air to dig up regions of soil that are vulnerable or have subterranean properties beneath them. This process transforms the dirt in the excavation area into sludge-like mud, which is then sucked out by a vacuum truck without destroying the infrastructure that is embedded in the area.

Why Should I Choose Watson Site Services for Excavation?

At Watson Site Services, we focus heavily on keeping you up-to-date with the latest approvals and permits needed in order to excavate any site. We save you the headache of applying for permits and approvals. Moreover, we have experience in communicating with the council individuals in order to attain the approval needed. If you are in need of an excavation Servicing company, Watson Site Services is the one for you. We ensure that you are completely satisfied with the excavation project before packing up our equipment. We also like to keep a relationship with our customers and ensure the work is going smoothly even after we’re done. After we’ve left the site and you feel that the work wasn’t done according to your standards, we will come right back and fix the situation.

Who does Residential Excavations?

Not many Excavation Companies would do Residential sites. This is because of the approval needed along with being careful around neighbourhoods so as to not damage anything. At Watson Site Services, we are the ones to call when you require any sort of Excavation Service, whether it’s for your Residential home or a Commercial site, we got you covered. We will deal with all the necessary approvals needed along with providing you with the permits you need in order to do any sort of excavation work. Get in Touch with us today to find  out more.

Where do your Provide Excavation Services?

All our services are available to any site that are within the Gosford NSW Region and Surrounding areas such as Port Stephens, Central Coast and the hunter Valley Region. If you are in need of any excavation service whether it is Commercial or Residential, we have you covered.

When can you provide Excavation Services?

At Watson Site Services, we provide all our Excavation services whenever you would like them. We work throughout the year and if you need your site excavated within a short time frame, we can work with you during the evenings as well. As long as there is no rain, our excavation crew will be out there to dig up all the excess dirt you might have. Get in touch today to see when we can start on your site.

How long do your Excavation Services take?

At Watson Site Services, we provide you with the best services along with being efficient and productive. Most of our Excavation Services take less than a week in ideal weather. If it begins to rain we must stop because it will have an effect on the main excavation site.

Job Posting Gosford

We are currently looking for a local Excavator team Member in Gosford who has experience with Commerical and Industrial Excavation, along with the necessary experience and license, who is also available for immediate 24-hour roster work and can attend to jobs on the same day. Also, Must be ready to go through COVID-19 compliance. If you wish to apply for this position. Please apply here.

About Gosford

Gosford is a suburb of the Central Coast Council local government area in the heart of the Central Coast region, about 76 kilometres (47 mi) north of Sydney. The suburb is situated at the northern extremity of Brisbane Water, an extensive northern branch of the Hawkesbury River estuary and Broken Bay.

The suburb is the administrative centre and CBD of the Central Coast region, which is the third largest urban area in New South Wales after Sydney and Newcastle. Following its formation from the combination of the previous Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils, Gosford has been earmarked as a vital CBD spine under the NSW Metropolitan Strategy. The population of the Gosford area was 169,053 in 2016.

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