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Generally speaking, Watson Site Services is the most reliable and cost effective Demolition Contractors in Gosford. In fact, we have facilities for the demolishment and disposal and transport of waste and soil. We carry out all demolition earthworks. Some examples are digging of basements, landfills and levelling. Rest assured, our excavation team is organised and experienced. Likewise, harmful waster removal services is also available to our clients in Gosford.

That is to say, if you have any hazardous materials that needs to be removed, it is vital for your safety and peace of mind to employ a reliable Gosford contractor who does not cut corners.

Why Use Our Demolition Services?

Aaron Watson has been a leader in the Gosford demolition & earthworks community since 2008. He has cultivated his strong reputation on the back of forging strong long-lasting relationships with his clients.

Family Owned & Operated

Aaron and the Watson family have a successful history providing demolition and digging services to Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast, and the Hunter Valley.

Local In Gosford

Watson Site Services has continued to grow and is today one of Gosford’s leading demolition and civil contractors.


With 11 years of experience, Watson Site Services set the standard for all your earthworks, asbestos management, occupational hygiene and demolition projects.

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Watson Site Services is your leading Industrial Demolition Specialist in Gosford.

We concentrate on the execution of each project with accuracy at Watson Sites Services. In order to have a secure and controlled demolition, we use detailed preparation, systemic working procedures, the most advanced equipment, and an expert demolition team.

We provide specialist demolition, rebuilding of the site, clearing the ground, and digging from factories to warehouses.

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Cost Effective Commercial Demolitions in Gosford

At Watson Site Services, we are your local Commercial Demolition Specialist in Gosford. We have a long experience of demolition and logistical planning to ensure the secure, prompt, and budget implementation of your company demolition project in Gosford.

Our own heavy equipment allows us to work with sub-contractors wherever and wherever you need us. We will complete jobs without the assistance of third parties, while eliminating downtime so that you can soon get your website ready for the next level of development, using our fleet of heavy machinery and demolition equipment.

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Our Residential Demolitions Gosford

For one thing, Watson Site Services are your local Residential Demolition Contractors. To say nothing of, our team of highly experienced, skilled professionals can easily eliminate any structure from your house, with minimal environmental and environmental effects. Likewise, our own fleet of bobcats and vans help us to drive quickly and get the house demolition work completed on schedule.

Even so, if you are worried that your house can contain asbestos, we are approved to remove it.

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Demolition of houses in Gosford entails a lot of things like securing licences, finding the best builder, disposing of garbage, and more. The right demolition company will help you get to the top of all the challenges and make your home demolition project a success. Watson Site Services has all the qualities that make us one of the best home demolition service providers in Gosford. At Watson Site Services, we are a family owned company that works with the community to help you. We focus on getting you the best price possible for all your Home Demolitions in Gosford.

We are complete believers in long term relationships and focus on not just demolitions but also our interactions between one another. Our highly skilled and experienced staff work their best in order to keep you satisfied. We are committed to the Satisfaction Guaranteed Measure in which our work is not done until you are happy with the work done. Whether it’s a big or small job, we continue to maintain our professional and high standards. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our Home Demolitions in Gosford.

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In light of all, we are a trusted residential, commercial and industrial demolition contractor in Gosford NSW 2753 . Moreover, providing quality services to a wide range of clients, from homeowners to insurance companies.

In particular, we are Fully insured for all demolition & earthworks from small jobs to large industrial contracts. Uniquely, Watson Site Services has developed a good reputation for land-moving and demolition contracts in Gosford.

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Providing You Demolition Services in Gosford and Surrounding Areas

Truly, our Gosford Demolition is your call team to operate on a pre-confirmed budget and timeline if you want the job done right the first time.

For this reason, Watson Site Services is also Gosford’s and the state’s most famous demolition firm. In fact, our professionally trained team with years of experience knows how important it is to carry out projects to the highest level and minimise risks and pain in live environments, in particular.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Demolition?

With all demolitions, Watson Site Services always focuses on keeping your Site up to date with the local Council so that they know what is going on. We go through the headache of providing all necessary certificates and getting the approvals for the work we will do to your site. Some individuals prefer to do it on their and we appreciate it, however they may have some issues with the council and wont know how to go about it. This is an unfortunate thing as we weren’t the ones doing the work. Moreover we work in accordance to the SafeWork NSW Safety Measures and understand how the council works in order to gain approval for your site. Get In touch with us Today to receive an estimate quote on your Home Demolition Gosford.

Why does it Cost Money for Home Demolition?

You might think that Residential Demolitions Gosford shouldn’t cost anything. However, do you know how much it costs to run Gosford Demolition Services? At Watson Site Services, we have our staff and our machinery that needs to be looked after. If those two things aren’t well looked after, you as a customer would not even think to look at us for your services. We are proud Demolition Gosford experts and are always available for you. We provide Cost Effective Commercial Demolitions in Gosford so that you don’t have to strain your wallet for any of our quotes. Furthermore, we work with you to provide you with the best quote possible. If you are in need of any of our services such as Commercial or Residential Demolitions, we have you covered. Get In Contact us Today.

Who can do Commercial Demolitions?

If you are in need for skilled and efficient Commercial Demolition Contractor in Gosford, Watson Site Services have your back. Our team of demolition experts will help you get the job completed safely and effectively so that you can get your building started as soon as possible. We will demolish every commercial building to ensure that the whole operation is secure for all those involved. With over 11 years of demolition experience and a fleet of heavy machinery and demolition tools, we will finish the commercial demolition on schedule and on budget. Our professional experience of commercial demolition allows us to produce safe and effective performance, both on schedule and on budget.

Where do you Service Demolition work?

At Watson Site Services, we provide Demolition work to the Newcastle region and surrounding areas like Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Sydney, Gosford, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley, etc.

When is it best to start Demolitions?

The main demolition project can be worked on at anytime as long as there is no rain. Most of the time, when it rains all machinery and staff must come to a halt. So season wise, it is best to complete all Demolition projects in the Summer. However, before beginning the project altogether, the site manger must ensure that certain approvals have been allowed. If there is any Demolition work involving heavy machinery or the demolition of a structure, the work must be notified to SafeWork Australia. Whether it is for a Commercial or Residential Site all Demolition work must be notifiable according to the Code of practice.

How long does it take for Demolition work?

The time in which a Demolition takes is completely dependable on the size of the site. For residential sites it wouldn’t take more than a week, and that would include all the waste materials separated and sorted along with the recycling all the plants and trees. These plants go directly to the approved disposable facility where they take care of these plants and use the elsewhere. This way there is no wastage gone and your consciousness stays clear. For Commercial Sites it would take a little longer depending on how large the land is and what needs to be demolished. If you require a Demolition Contractor Gosford, Call us now on (02) 0448 800 309.

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In the meantime, ee are currently looking for a local Demolition team Member in Gosford who has experience with Commerical and Industrial Demolition. Again, along with the necessary experience and license, who is also available for immediate 24-hour roster work and can attend to jobs on the same day. Must be ready to go through COVID-19 compliance. If you wish to apply for this position. Please apply here.

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About Gosford, NSW 2250

Gosford is a suburb of the Central Coast Council local government area in the heart of the Central Coast region, about 76 kilometres (47 mi) north of Sydney. The suburb is situated at the northern extremity of Brisbane Water, an extensive northern branch of the Hawkesbury River estuary and Broken Bay.

The suburb is the administrative centre and CBD of the Central Coast region, which is the third largest urban area in New South Wales after Sydney and Newcastle. Following its formation from the combination of the previous Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils, Gosford has been earmarked as a vital CBD spine under the NSW Metropolitan Strategy. The population of the Gosford area was 169,053 in 2016.

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