Apart from bills, one of the most common aspects that people like to hear as they decide to demolish their houses is how long it takes. As several of these general demolition issues, the solution is sadly not easy or ‘one-size-fits-all.’

The reality is that every property is quite different and contains a number of considerations, all of which influence the period needed for demolition.

Normally, the physical motion of knocking your current house is reasonably swift – in certain situations, it requires just a day. However, you must give around two months to move through the entire phase that must be taken into consideration with your construction project schedule.

To understand the time taken during demolition, let us first divide demolition into segments and learn how long do they take;

Demolition Process

Getting the necessary permits

In Australia, getting a property demolition permit is a strict compulsion. If you own and have paid your house in full, this move would not be required. But if you already owe a loan or a mortgage lender, before you launch a demolition job, you may need to seek permission. Your lender will also help you obtain renovation and restoration funding.

Getting permits can take from 10-20 days but does not involves your active presence all the time. You just have to apply for necessary permits and wait for them to arrive.

Disconnecting utilities

Before demolition starts, guarantee that all utility facilities including energy, sewage, sanitation and gas are withdrawn from the property entirely. Simply disconnecting the services is not enough. Make sure that both lines are eliminated from the land absolutely. This requires uninstallation of gas and energy metres.

For these facilities, you need to contact your service provider. Disconnection and removal can take up to 10 business days and does not need your active presence all the time.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is an Australian legislation toxic substance. The removal of asbestos by a specialist is also mandatory. Strict regulations must be adhered to, since exposure to asbestos may lead to significant health issues during the disposal process.

Necessary certificates must be issued for the effective disposal of asbestos. Neighbours must be made conscious of the operation. The substance must be disposed of safely, in line with the requirements set out in Australian legislation so that it does not harm the atmosphere and the public. It can take up to a week.

Salvage Items Removal

If you wish to hold several things, they must be extracted from the worksite before demolition. Where products such as bricks, mortar, floorboards and steel are existing, it takes longer for them to be restored, which raises demolition time. Depends upon you on how many days you want to take.

Knocking down the property

The total time taken for knocking down your house depends on various factors. Which includes the type of demolition, size of your property, location of the property, time taken for rubbish removal, and more.

In general, it takes about a month of planning for finding the right demolition contractors and get prepared for knocking down. Talking about the time for actual demolition or knocking down the property. It can take anywhere between a day to a few weeks.