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Home Demolition: Guide

House demolition involves a lot of things like getting the permits, choosing the right contractor, disposal of waste, and more. A good demolition company can help you get on top of all of the hurdles and make the home demolition project a success.

The right company requires all of the attributes like having the right machinery and experience to prove themselves as the best home demolition contractor. To be precise we use the following steps as home demolition procedures;

  • Getting the home inspected and find the right contractor
  • Exploring the methods and options for demolition
  • Organize a quotation and get the right permissions
  • Assessing the risks and disconnecting the services
  • Tearing down the house and hauling away the derbies

The dismantling of the building is fairly simple and uncomplicated, but for the first time, it does not make it any less challenging. Well, finding the right house demolition expert will save you a lot of time, money, and keep you away from problems.

If the idea of tearing down the building makes you uncomfortable then, don’t worry. Our guide is simple-to-follow and will guide through the steps s that you can better understand residential demolition, the rules involved, and carry out the steps with perfection!

1. Get the home inspected and find the right contractor

Getting the home inspected is the basic step to get started with the residential demolition. Your home inspection will reveal a lot of things and the right contractor should be able to answer all your queries.

Find a licensed and insured demolition contractor in order to get out of the process hassle-free. At the inspection, they’ll meet you and go over potential ideas. As demolition experts, they will be able to explore the choices thoroughly.

Get plans or estimates in writing and make sure that the estimate of the contractor sets out whose duty it is to pay for the work and secure permits (if necessary).

Also, don’t forget to let your contractor know if you need help with arranging the documents. Consulting them is highly recommended.

The right residential contractor should have all the experience and machinery necessary in order to make your project a success. Don’t forget to have a look at the projects that your contractor has accomplished. There are many things from the cost factor, to legal problems that a demolition contractor can invite if they don’t do things in the right way.

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How much does house demolition cost?

The cost of home demolition can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. It depends on various factors like the completion time and the method of demolition used.

You can expect to spend 2-3x more much to get your house deconstructed by hand due to the extra work involved. Just like there is more than one method of demolishing a building, the cost of demolition varies, too.

A good contractor will always align with your goals and will always ask you questions so that they can better understand the purpose behind the demolition. Also, if the houses contain Asbestos, different security procedures will be used. The preparations will also involve taking permissions. So choose your demolition contractor wisely.

2. Exploring the methods and options for demolition

There are a variety of options you can choose from when you think about the demolition methods we can use. Mechanical demolition involves using heavy machinery. Meanwhile, the deconstruction method involves manually stripping the house by hand.

Combining both of these methods gives the best results in many cases. Meanwhile, mechanical demolition is usually a few thousand cheaper than the deconstruction method. Also, don’t forget to choose a good demolition contractor ( like Watson Site Services ).

Mechanical Demolition Vs.  Deconstruction

Mechanical demolition is clearly the winner when it comes to the price. Also, when it comes to ease and time for completion, mechanical demolition is always ahead. But, why do people take risks in deconstructing the building by hand?

It is estimated that around 70%  of the materials used in the building can be recycled. The list of materials involves, doors, lumbar, sink accessories, and more. Demolition by hand gives you the opportunity to preserve these things and get the job done carefully.

A good contractor can also suggest you wise option according to your needs and move forward with things that you like to achieve. Meanwhile, a combination of both methods is a recommended method which provides you the advantages of both methods.

3. Organize a quotation and get the right permissions

Coming to step 3, you should be clear about your requirements. Demolition involves a lot of paper works and documentation. An expert demolition services provider can guide you through everything. Getting quoted and proceeding with the payment is where your imagination comes to life.

You should be really clear about the methods, and the equipment that is going to be used. These critical things are really necessary to know. Also, make clear and transparent conversations with your service provider regarding the approval process and managing the derbies is really necessary.

It is simple: the demolition activity involves working with a lot of potential hazards. Hence you are required to take permission from the council and also understand the hours, debris disposal, and noise requirements. Also, your project needs to comply with local and state legislation.

The rules vary from place to place but an expert and experienced professional always has the right plans and flow that can make these processes less painful for you.

4. Assessing the risks and disconnecting the services

There is various kind of risks involved in residential demolition process; safety of team members, the safety of locals, and one also needs to make sure that they don’t disturb the pipelines and electrical wires.

Getting permits also involves checking if the project is going to disturb any pipelines underneath. It also involves here because if it does, that is going to be a hazardous situation.

Similarly, complying with WHS policies is also important. It is the contractor’s responsibility in many cases but it makes your duty as a responsible citizen to make things easy for them. Also, if the houses contain Asbestos, modified security procedures will be used by the team members.

In NSW, you are also required to notify SafeWork before undertaking demolition that involves the use of explosives, is taller than six meters, etc.

Also, disconnecting all the services including gas, electricity, water, and more is necessary before actually getting started. They are necessary in order to fulfill the WHS guidelines as their presence is a hazardous situation for the demolition team members.

partial house demolition newcastle

5. Tearing down the house and hauling away the derbies

Now we have ensured everything is secure and under control, we can move forward with the demolition. An expert home demolition contractor in Newcastle would be ready to kick off the project by no and I’m sure if you have hired team members as we have here at Watson Site Services, you are going to finish your project in time without any hassle.

This can take up to several days from one day. Generally, home demolition requires a massive, hydraulic excavator ripping the building down and throwing the unwanted building materials in the back of a truck or dumpster.

After the demolition has been completed, the settlement of the debris is important. House demolition specialists would now give you suggestions and instructions on how can the remains be managed or sold.

Most of the time, you manage it ourselves without any hassle. So, this is how you can demolish a house with perfection in Newcastle: Contact us for more details on how you can get the most value out of your home demolition project.

Watson Site Services wishes you all the success with your project. Contact us for any kind of demolition, excavation, and tree removal services in Newcastle, NSW.